Space Thrones (GML)

Space Thrones (GML)

“Space Thrones” is a 2D top-down action game created using Game Maker Language in Game Maker Studio. The player both directly controls the “space cowboy” character and also the player’s ship. The player engages in space battles with enemy ships which, once crippled, the player can board and engage in on-foot battles to defeat the ship’s captain. The player can also land at various planet-based stations to buy resources (currently being implemented). All artwork created by myself with music provided by Robert Ellis (contact available at request).

A stable alpha including the below features is available at request.

The game includes a unique “breach system” – when boarding a ship, the ships walls can be destroyed by gun fire. This results in both player and enemy characters being sucked (technically, blown!) out of the breach and into deep space. The ship will repair the breach with a “shield” after a few moments. This mechanic adds diversity to on-foot gun battles, and presents both risk and opportunity to the player.

The game contains robust enemy artificial intelligence. The enemy will patrol areas of their ship and can be alerted by nearby sounds. The game contains both close range (melee) and long range (soldier) enemies. The enemy will also attempt to avoid getting sucked out of breaches into space. Enemy ships will engage in “dogfights” with the player ship, swooping and strafing the player’s ship.

When boarding, the ship interiors are randomly generated from a pool of prefabricated maps. Each “deck” of the ship contains random assets, such as randomly placed enemies and stairs/lifts to the next deck.

The boarding segment of the game utilises a “fog of war”/line of sight mechanic, where level entities such as enemies and items can only be seen if they are within line of sight of the player.

The game incorporates a robust inventory and item equipment system. The player can collect items throughout the world, and equip these using the inventory screen.

Launch Screen

Space Station

Multi-Ship Space Battle

Inventory Screen

Large Multi-Ship Battle (concept)

Boarding Gameplay

Rusted Ship Hulks

Planet Surface

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